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Childcare and early learning are two fields which are essential in our children's lives. The impact educational centres have in a kid's life can be long-lasting and sometimes permanent. This is why it is very important to choose the right places for your little ones to stay. At Richa Education Society we seek to address the well being of every child using engaging methods so they feel as comfortable as they would at home. Contact us through our booking form or come visit us in the local area to reserve a spot with us for your child.

Our methodology

We rely on many proven childcare techniques when it comes to looking after and educating our charges. Infants are cared for by experienced, expert nurses, while older kids are divided into smaller groups to promote socialising and help them to engage with each other properly through a variety of activities. We are focused on teaching them various concepts through creative, engaging means. Our excellent results and the high praise we receive from parents speaks to our ability.

Our staff have a wealth of experience

Our childcare attendants have a wealth of experience in supervising and educating young children, all possessing the necessary skills and certifications for working in an early learning centre. All of our staff are familiar with the best practices for early learning, and together we have devised a top-notch program of fun and educational activities designed to engage and stimulate your child. We believe that our excellent staff staff are paramount when it comes to creating a nurturing environment that cultivates personal growth.


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